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The level of com­­­­­fort in education furniture plays an important role in the classroom. Comfortable furniture facilitates learning and collaboration. On the other hand, uncomfortable furniture can affect students’ abilities to concentrate. Uncomfortable seating, especially in younger students, can cause back and spinal problems.

Students need comfortable furniture and the proper supplies for learning. Equally, educators need the same for teaching. At Global Office Solutions, we help equip educational environments in and near the Detroit Metro area with the furniture and supplies they need.

Our education furniture offerings include but are not limited to: desks, bookshelves, and seating. We also have a wide selection of educational / school supplies from dry erase boards to general supplies.

Featured Classroom / Education Furniture

HON SmartLink Student Desk

What we love about this desk: It’s adjustable! Make it lower for shorter students and higher for taller students. Contact us for more information.

What we love about this desk: It’s heavy duty and bound to last year after year.

What we love about this chair: It has a contoured seat and back for comfort.

Featured Educational / School Supplies

Balt Teacher’s Learning Center Magnetic / Dry Erase Board

What we love about this product: It can easily be moved around the classroom. Ample storage.

Westcott Kids Scissors with Caddy

What we love about this product: It has antimicrobial protection and keeps scissors organized while brightening up a classroom.

Pacon Rainbow Colored Kraft Paper Roll in Yellow

What we love about this product: It’s great for classroom products and offers a large surface for students to be creative with.

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